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How to reach the Hotel:

Coming by car: from highway D1 (Brno / Vienna):
The highway finishes at Legerova street. Keep going on this street until you come to the 2nd traffic light and turn then make a left into Zitna street. At the 2nd traffic light turn right into Stepanska street and turn left on the 2nd street V Jame. The Hotel is on the left hand side.

Arrival by car:
from highway D5 ( Pilsen / Nürnberg ):
When you arrive at Prague follow the signs indicating to "city center".
When you reach the end of the highway, make a right turn on Bucharova street. Keep going on this street until you reach the next sign to city center and turn right into Plzenska street.
Continue on this street for about 5 km, and then turn right into Radlicka street. When you reach the traffic light turn left into Ostrovskeho street and continue on this street . When you reach the 3rd traffic light into Horejsi nabrezi, follow the street and turn right over the bridge (Jiraskuv most) into Resslova street. Keep going on Jecna street and turn left on the 3rd traffic light into Stepanska street.
Continue on this street and go through the traffic light and turn 2nd to the left into V Jame. You will find the Hotel on the left hand side.

Arrival by public transportation:
Nearest subway station: MUSTEK, line A/B, in only 100m away from the Hotel
Nearest train station: HLAVNI NADRAZI, ca. 600m away from the Hotel
Nearest tram station: VACLAVSKE NAMESTI (VODICKOVA STREET), 100m away from the Hotel.

Arrival from the airport by public transportation:
Airport PRG, Ruzyne
Take the public bus Nr. 119 to Metro station DEJVICKA (Line A) to Metro station MUSTEK (LINE A)

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The ICON Hotel & Lounge, V Jame, 6 - Prague

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